1 Tube Frames – Stronger Straighter Tow better

Tube Frames: Tube main frames that are stronger, straighter and tow better
Protected Wiring: In frame wiring offers protection from road debris & weather
Roof Flashing: Roof flashing at critical joints, hi-tech roof sealant
Steel Backers: Exterior side wall lighting & door hold backs mounted in a steel backer
Sealed Floors: Helps keep your valuable cargo dry. ¾” plywood floors are fully sealed around the perimeter edges.
Primer: Painted areas on are prepped, primed and painted for longer lasting paint.
Reinforced A Frames: Stronger, safer and longer lasting trailers
Wheel Box Structure: All 8.5′ wide trailer sidewalls include 1″ x 3″ tubing across the top connected to 1″ x 3″ tubing running vertically