Here are some recommended partners in the mobile entertainment industry…please browse and visit their sites!

Adventure Sports HQ (We are a distributor)

Company: Adventure Sports HQ
Industry: Laser Tag
About: The “Made in America” Laser Tag Company
Phone: 855.824.8422

Knockerball™ –  (We are a distributor)

Company: Knockerball™
About: Knockerball™ is a single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Knockerballs™ range from 1.2 Meters to 1.5 Meters and the size or fit is predicated on your height. Knockerballs™ can be used singularly to perfect your rolls, flips, and wheels.

Jason “JT” Thomas (Let them know we sent you!)
Knockerball USA

Verilon Vinyl

Company: Verilon® Vinyl
Industry: Vinyl Strips
About: Ask Mark for our special pricing and custom Vinyl Strips on the front or rear door of your Mobile Game Theater!
Contact Mark and his Team here
Phone: 1-800-323-1056

Mirror Me Booth™

The guests walk in front of a magical mirror when extraordinary colorful animation appear on the mirror that invite them to touch and start their magical photo favor journey.

Video of Interactive Features of Mirror

Call or email me if you are interested in more information. If you contact Foto Master directly, ask for Boaz Telem and tell him Dana Gainer with Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party sent you. Use Promo-Code: RockinRollin


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