January 12, 2015


After your purchase of your used mobile video game truck, the choice is yours…you can take off on your own or we can provide you with the guidance and support you’ll need to succeed in the mobile entertainment industry!

Our new-rig customers get complete training from E&D Ventures.  If you desire, we can provide you with the training you need to get your mobile game theater business up and running right away!


We can train you right here at our North Carolina headquarters, or possibly offer a “mentor” client of ours near you!



Get your New Business found online!

Purchase our 260 Pg. Training Manual, Access to over 600 Files, New Independent Website, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business Listings, Owner’s Facebook Forum and Reservation System) package for A Pre-Owned Mobile Video Game Theater for $3,000!

Your local Key-words are very specific, and we know what they are and how to get you found!  We are experts at Social Media and Free Online SEO!

Facebook Page for Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party Trailer

Facebook Page for Backyard Laser Tag Party

Website for Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party

Our National Booking Site with more websites!

  1. Our Web Designer sets up a NEW WordPress Website for you and embeds keywords specific to booking a Mobile Video Game Theater.
  2. Our Social Media Expert puts up SIX NEW Social Media Sites for your Video Game Theater business, adding key-worded posts, pictures and videos of Mobile Video Game Theater parties and pictures of your Pre-Owned Game Theater.
  3. Our Team creates your Mobile Video Game Theater Reservation System – Cost is Approx $14 per month for the online system.
  4. Training Call with our team on the Reservation System and Social Media.