Get in on the exploding Escape Room Industry and pay  $43,000 less than retail for a unit that is practically NEW! This 34’ Snapper Trailer is beautifully decorated as an Old Chicago Alley that opens into Capone’s Underground Speakeasy. It’s a two-room high level challenge with the game master office in the nose. The eight- foot interior clearance assures that no one will be ducking through this challenge! The Mobile Escape travels to the Players with two A/C units, non-slip floors and three exits. Book Corporate Events, Private Events, Festivals, Fairs and Private Parties! The overhead is low with no rent or utilities! This Mobile Unit features Two Complete Puzzles in Two large rooms PLUS a Control Room for the Game Master for maximum throughput! This fully customized, climate controlled (one installed A/C, one portable in the VNose), mobile escape room is designed to provide all of the blood-pumping intensity and mind-bending challenges found in conventional escape rooms. The trailer comes with a laptop, software, outside awning for shade and training with the current operator. Wrap is simple so it is easy to cover or replace. Triple axles and a quality trailer round out this amazing opportunity to get into the Escape Room Craze!

Pick it up TODAY and start earning income in the billion-dollar Mobile Amusement Industry!

2017 34’ Mobile Escape Room Trailer $21,900K

Asking Price: $21,900


This Mobile Escape Room provides a 60-minute escape game experience designed for 8 players per group. Game can be shortened if needed.

It Is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and contained within a spacious (34’L x 8’ 6” W x 8’ H), sleek customized trailer.

What’s it like?

Room One: Old Chicago Alley with vinyl walls wrapped to look like an outside alley. Ceiling is made to look like the sky.

Room Two: Speakeasy Interior – has a large mural of the rest of the speakeasy, creating illusion of more space. It is a longer puzzle. Last five minutes include red and blue lights and sirens (POLICE are coming).

2017 Game Master System and Laptop included. Laminated format sheets included.

Who will book it?

Unit or Company Functions

Morale Building Activities

Corporate Events


Leadership Training and Team Building

Private Functions and Parties

Fairs & Festivals

Why will people like it?

Team members must work together for a common goal – escape! This requires everyone to use their varied skills to decipher clues and complete challenges hidden throughout the room. Everyone needs to communicate effectively to handle the unexpected challenges that will be encountered, and quickly realize that flexibility and open mindedness are essential for success.

Your team will celebrate multiple collective victories along the way as all members contribute to the solution, and group decisions are critical as the clock ticks down to 00:00.

This intricately designed escape room includes challenging puzzles that are designed to help team members appreciate each other’s strengths, and everyone contributes! This shared experience provides insight into the group’s performance, and a professional team building experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere can be more appreciated than traditional techniques.

Year:  2017

Make: Snapper Trailers

Hours on generator? No Generator Provided. A portable 7kw – 8 kw will work. Operator used a 10kw.

Age of tires & Approx. Mileage on them): New in 2017 approximately 500 miles

Scissor Jacks

Wheelie Bars

50-Amp Connection

Three Door Access

Three Interactive Monitors

Three Interactive Cameras

Two Room Challenge with Game Master Office Built into the V-Nose

Game Set For 1-Hour Challenge

Below is the mural on the wall of the 2nd room. It creates the illusion of space


How many can play at one time? Up to 8

What is the average charge per person? $20 to $35

What is the average playtime? 30 – 60 mins depending on players

What is the hourly rate if it is booked by the hour? $150 per hour for private parties $250 per hour for corporate

How long does it take to reset the Puzzle for new players? 5-10 mins

Where does the Game Master stay while the game is going? In the Game Master room in front of trailer – has A/C unit.

How does the Game Master give the players clues? Through Three Interactive Monitors and Three Interactive Cameras

What kind of computer and system is running the game? Laptop with Game Master software

When is the Mobile Escape Room Available for pick up? Now

Any damage or dings? A few very small dings on the exterior. Needs handle for awning (seller will order), bent step on side door.